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Wheel cylinders, rubber rollers


Rivestimento rulli poliuretano

The rollers with polyurethane coatings are known for their high resistance to any type of wear, industrial oils and temperature, as well as any external atmospheric stresses. Many companies choose this type of rollers for their quality and durability, as well as for his consistency over time.


  • Removal of old coating
  • Implementation souls
  • Repair souls
  • Tires with compounds from our production
  • Grinding, polishing, honing, shaping, turning, milling, grooving
  • Service for correction of the old coating
  • Packing labeled "Lamoli"
  • Assistance and technical advice


  • Rollers coatings based on polyester and polyurethane


  • Hardness Shore A 50 to 95
  • High resistance to wear
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Resistance to solvents
  • Resistance to fats and oils
  • Temperature range from -30 to +80 ° C
  • Resistance to ozone, aging and weathering


Size # 1

  • Overall length max. 4,000 mm
  • Max. 195 mm

Size # 2

  • Overall length max. 2,000 mm
  • Max. 550 mm

Rubber rollers for packaging & boxworks, wheel cylinders for packaging & boxworks


In the field of packaging the processed raw materials are mainly polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (LLDPE), nylon (OPA), polyester (PET) and the aluminum in all the possible and most suitable applications. The finished product consists of monolayer coils, duplex, triplex, printed or plain.

For each production phase which begins with the flexographic printing, and then switch to the rolling or rolling machines with coupling and end with the cutting and rewinding, the gumming of the cylinders is essential to the delicacy of the material produced, and must ensure a constant thickness without deformation of any kind. Request a free quote for your plate regumming rollers, so you will ensure a problem-free production.


We can develop any kind of rubber roller for your needs. Register now for a free quote for either a rubber roller or a plate regumming rollers or any other operation in the packaging and box factories.

Rubber rollers for glass industry, wheel cylinders for glass industry


In the glass industry the basic steps for the production are: the feed preparation and mixing, melting, refining to remove bubbles from the liquid and homogenizing, the forming and finally cooling. For most of these manufacturing steps the roller accompanies the raw material until the final product. The glass puts a strain on the resistance of the tires and you must be adapted to the required quality of the coatings.


.We can develop coatings tailored to your specific needs. Register now for a free quote for either a rubber roller or a plate regumming rollers or any other operation within the glass.

Rubber rollers for metal industry, wheel cylinders for metal industry


In the metal industry, materials in the manufacturing cycle belonging to two different types: the ores and metal scrap. The operations that lead to the production of a metal are the main object of this field, both in the art that the primary extraction. The minerals are exploited industrially mainly oxides, sulfides and silicates. For this it is necessary to have a rubber coating resistant and able to withstand very high stresses.

The mechanical engineering is in all industrial countries and is a particularly important role in terms of quantity, in terms of employment, value added and international trade, both for the strategic role it performs. Overall, the production is made up of mechanical production of the assembly line, for this it is essential to take care of the lining of their rollers.


We can develop coatings tailored to your specific needs. Register now for a free quote for either a rubber roller or a plate regumming rollers or any other operation in metallurgical and mechanical.

Rubber rollers for textile & tanning industry, wheel cylinders for textile & tanning industry


The cylinders in the textile sector must support heat, humidity and chemical factors. For this it is necessary to adopt a roller with the right tires, able to follow each stage of textile production without frequent maintenance.

There are many types of coatings, but only the Lamoli’s rubber rollers can guarantee the quality that you deserve for your products.

All chemical operations in the leather industry, ranging from preparation of tanning until the post-tanning treatments are performed with use of water. Substantially the drum is composed of a cylinder rotating around its own axis and in which are entered the water, the skins and the chemical reagents.

The use of rubber tires in this area began with the evolution of electronic equipment: initially it was simply a wooden cylinder rotating, today is a complex machine controlled by computer, with the possibility to adjust the water intake, speed and direction of rotation, opening and closing door, entry of reagents, temperature regulation and weight control. For these special preventive maintenance on the rubber rollers must be a constant.


  • Production and finishing fibers

Hairstyle: drawing-rollers

Spinning: spinning reels and drums of board

Sizing: spreading and squeezing cylinders, cylinder towing and transport


  • Implementation of the fabric and pretreatment

Weaving: Power and doffing cylinders, cylinder winding


  • Finishing Wet / Dry

Burning: conveyor rollers

Undressing: feeding cylinders, transport, towing, driving, on the flat board,


Mercerization: ditto

Bleaching: ditto

Cleaning: ditto

Drying cylinders transporters


  • Separation bathroom, drying

Squeezing intermediate

Squeezing high power


  • Dyeing and Printing

Rope dyeing: squeezing rollers

Width dyeing: squeezing rollers

Press the rotary controcilindri


  • Finishing / dressing

Finish: different cylinders depending on the machine and process




Other processes

Rubber rollers for steel industry, wheel cylinders for steel industry


The wheel cylinders for steel sector should support a high mechanical and chemical stress. For this reason, our rubber rollers have a field of designing specifically for this sector, particularly wear resistance to oils, acids and alkalis as well as a special coating to reel pins.

The minimum thickness of 100 mm causes it to obtain elasticity, precision and resistance to any material being processed. We can made your personal rubber rollers, based your needs.


  • Cylinder pressure / calenders
  • Cylinders for coating metal and the coating
  • Elements for roller lines
  • Cylinders referral, transportation and towing
  • Polyurethane Cylinders

Rubber rollers for wood & furniture industry, wheel cylinders for wood & furniture industry


The use of rubber rollers in production processes in the wood & furniture industry has always a constant at all stages of production. Must be constant also the quality of the cylinders that accompany the stages of production. Our cylinders reach every need in the field, both from the qualitative resistance.

In the phase of coupling, and pressure guide and transport guarantee maximum resistance to wear in order to make our cylinders wheeled a guarantee over time. The resistance to chemicals is safe: stain, paint and glue not corrode your Lamoli rubber rollers. Finally, the quality of the painting is supported perfectly with surfaces made by Lamoli.


  • Rollers calibrators
  • Pressure rollers for belt sanders and planers
  • Cylinder couplers
  • Pressure rollers for gluing soft edges
  • Cylinders glue spreader with hardness and grooving
  • Cylinders painters with smooth or grooved
  • Cylinders with polyurethane coating for maximum stress

Rubber rollers for paper processing industry, wheel cylinders for paper processing industry


For decades, we serve the paper processing industry, in every stage of production. The assistance of cylinders and rollers in this area is high demand because of the intensity of production. From printing to embossing, the cylinders always cover an essential step for a quality result. By helping us get guaranteed results in plate regumming rollers.


  • Cylinders Spreading glue, wax and hot melt adhesives: resistant to swelling, adhesives, high temperature resistant
  • Cylinders proven for all printing processes eg. flexographic printing inks with solvent-based or water-cylinder with good characteristics laser, low swelling, good inking and high useful life
  • Cylinders couplers with high adhesion - resistant to high temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Inking and dampening rollers, low swelling, low heating and high life
  • Cylinders for printing wallpaper
  • Cylinders glue
  • Cylinder Couplers
  • Cylinders squeegees
  • Pressure Cylinders
  • Cylinders cliché
  • Offset (sheet and coil)
  • inking rollers
  • Intaglio Print
  • Pressure rollers with the best rebound characteristics

Upon request, we can develop coatings tailored to your specific needs.

Rubber rollers for plastic films industry, wheel cylinders for plastic films industry


In the industry of plastic film, rubber rollers are in a constant stage of production. PE, PS, PP, PVC, etc. .. are just some of the films that are transported by our rubber rollers, created specifically for this sector. Our experience means that we can carefully evaluate and choose the right roller according to your type of production. Precision and passion have made it possible to wheel cylinders for any type of movie marketing.


  • Cylinders couplers and spreaders, heat-resistant adhesive and a surface area
  • Cylinders for welding, resistant to high temperatures and with adhesive surface
  • Cylinders painters, with areas of better quality and highly resistant to solvents
  • All types of cylinders for flexographic printing with high resistance to solvents and laser, long useful life and, if necessary, excellent wetting with water-based inks
  • Cylinders for gravure printing, cylinder pressure resistant to solvents in hardnesses from 70 to 90 Shore A. If necessary, special pressing cylinders for intaglio printing or conductive resistance with electrostatic (ESA)
  • Cylinders towing, transportation, guidance, and referral, wear resistant and high life
  • Cylinders with antistatic coating = surface resistance of less than 1 Gigaohm

Rubber rollers, roller plate regumming, technical articles in polyurethane


Rivestimento rulli gomma

The regumming of rollers as well as the production of complete cylinders are work processes that require experience and attention to details, where we have thirty years of experience. For the creation of rubber rollers we work all types of rubber, selecting the most suitable for your needs in order to give the best product possible.


  • Removal of old coating
  • Implementation souls
  • Repair souls
  • Tires with compounds from our production
  • Grinding, polishing, honing, shaping, turning, milling, grooving
  • Service for correction of the old coating
  • Packing labeled "Lamoli"
  • Assistance and technical advice


  • Soft rubber, range 18-98 Shore A
  • Coatings resistant to heat (250 ° C)
  • Coatings are resistant to weathering, UV radiation and ozone insensitive
  • Coatings are resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals
  • Coatings with high resistance and anti-wear
  • Coatings grooved, smooth, rough, and conductive adhesives
  • Coatings fully studied on the basis of your needs


  • Overall length max. 3,400 mm
  • Max. 450 mm