In the industry of plastic film, rubber rollers are in a constant stage of production. PE, PS, PP, PVC, etc. .. are just some of the films that are transported by our rubber rollers, created specifically for this sector. Our experience means that we can carefully evaluate and choose the right roller according to your type of production. Precision and passion have made it possible to wheel cylinders for any type of movie marketing.


  • Cylinders couplers and spreaders, heat-resistant adhesive and a surface area
  • Cylinders for welding, resistant to high temperatures and with adhesive surface
  • Cylinders painters, with areas of better quality and highly resistant to solvents
  • All types of cylinders for flexographic printing with high resistance to solvents and laser, long useful life and, if necessary, excellent wetting with water-based inks
  • Cylinders for gravure printing, cylinder pressure resistant to solvents in hardnesses from 70 to 90 Shore A. If necessary, special pressing cylinders for intaglio printing or conductive resistance with electrostatic (ESA)
  • Cylinders towing, transportation, guidance, and referral, wear resistant and high life
  • Cylinders with antistatic coating = surface resistance of less than 1 Gigaohm