• After the arrival inspection, repack the cylinders and leave them locked in the vaults until the commissioning or suspend supported on pins / hubs.
  • Stock them in a cool place, not exposed to direct solar radiation, dust-free and well ventilated.

Lifting of Cylinders

  • Lift cylinders for the pins / hubs, never for the middle section: risk of bruising and injury.
  • Pad important points to avoid risk of crushing.

Installation of cylinders

  • Avoid contact with hard objects, sharp or pointed objects (especially not to drag the cylinders on the floor, on the edge of the box or on parts of the machine)!
  • If possible, remove the protective film only after installation.


  • In the case of silicon cylinders, do hardness tests preferably on the front sides to avoid bruising.


  • Clean the rollers using only water, soap solution or alcohol.
  • Avoid aggressive detergents or solvents, since in certain circumstances may cause the lining of the cylinder to swell.