For decades, we serve the paper processing industry, in every stage of production. The assistance of cylinders and rollers in this area is high demand because of the intensity of production. From printing to embossing, the cylinders always cover an essential step for a quality result. By helping us get guaranteed results in plate regumming rollers.


  • Cylinders Spreading glue, wax and hot melt adhesives: resistant to swelling, adhesives, high temperature resistant
  • Cylinders proven for all printing processes eg. flexographic printing inks with solvent-based or water-cylinder with good characteristics laser, low swelling, good inking and high useful life
  • Cylinders couplers with high adhesion - resistant to high temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Inking and dampening rollers, low swelling, low heating and high life
  • Cylinders for printing wallpaper
  • Cylinders glue
  • Cylinder Couplers
  • Cylinders squeegees
  • Pressure Cylinders
  • Cylinders cliché
  • Offset (sheet and coil)
  • inking rollers
  • Intaglio Print
  • Pressure rollers with the best rebound characteristics

Upon request, we can develop coatings tailored to your specific needs.