The use of rubber rollers in production processes in the wood & furniture industry has always a constant at all stages of production. Must be constant also the quality of the cylinders that accompany the stages of production. Our cylinders reach every need in the field, both from the qualitative resistance.

In the phase of coupling, and pressure guide and transport guarantee maximum resistance to wear in order to make our cylinders wheeled a guarantee over time. The resistance to chemicals is safe: stain, paint and glue not corrode your Lamoli rubber rollers. Finally, the quality of the painting is supported perfectly with surfaces made by Lamoli.


  • Rollers calibrators
  • Pressure rollers for belt sanders and planers
  • Cylinder couplers
  • Pressure rollers for gluing soft edges
  • Cylinders glue spreader with hardness and grooving
  • Cylinders painters with smooth or grooved
  • Cylinders with polyurethane coating for maximum stress